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Make Small Talk Sexy Review

Make Small Talk Sexy ReviewOne of the most significant things is ‘‘Discussion’’ in every kind of relationship if you know how to speak with girls that are really great but if you don’t know how to speak, it could be very hard for you to attract any girls.

So here we’ll let you the right discussion and live example. Because discussion can only make or break the initial stages of a developing relationship (or even potential one night stand), and make Small Talk Sexy uses that notion and deconstructs it in its several ‘elements’.

Banter, flirting, overt sexual talk – it’s all included here. The effect here is too difficult for its own good, with some of the content bearing from an odd lack of real focus at times.

This is training clearly intended at college-age guys, even with less of an overly energetic fratboy edge to it than other practice by this and another dating ‘gurus’.

As with all Bobby Rio dating training, there’s helluva plenty of discussion and tips galore, with an avalanche of audio clips and bonus video highlights. Editing and much focus would have supported this product no end.

Make Small Talk Sexy Review doesn’t break any new spot. ‘How-to’ guidance on the art of discussion, flirting and banter has been around since the start of dating.

What is on the proposal is scant at times, at other times too long-winded. If it could act on a woman is extremely debatable. However, it does give guidance aplenty, and, in its whole, Make Small Talk Sexy should request to its targeted demographic.


Immediately, Bobby Rio (real name: Tony Almeida) works to make a guy feel ‘special’ about having preferred to do this training by saying, “Congratulations. You’re discussing a step that most men are too happy or scared to do. You’re building your life, instead of admitting mediocrity…”.

It’s the oldest gambit in the art of shilling – make a punter feel somehow ‘preferred’ because he has performed the ‘right thing’ by getting your product. Highly original.Make Small Talk Sexy Review

This course contains eight audio sessions, with the first one clocking in at 62 minutes. Yip, just over an hour of bro Rio prattling away about discussions – just for a start. No video, no animation of any sort, nada. Just him babbling away. And he does that again and again in certain audio sessions.

Rio does make the relevant point that being able to speak properly will not only be allowing in a guy’s social and sex life but also professionally, even managing his levels of success in life. That’s all very genuine, and could be an eye-opener for an untrained college-aged guy.

The first session is based on special tips on being more successful with the discussion. It all begins with intention. What do you think to attain by having a discussion with her?

Most guys would say sex, right? At least Rio admits that, although he’s not as noisy as that. Prizes and ending lines are what it’s all about. Some reality-checking is given – at least that.

The second session goes into ‘further depth’ about how to craft a smart discussion that will catch her (or whoever is on the other side of the convo) and make it really act. Playful is the keyword here. And then it drops into those ancient standbys of “inside jokes” and “secret handshakes” as being gambits to catch her attention and make her crave for you. Uh-huh.

Flirting and flirtatious discussions and chitchat are what the third session is included, although this angle did already start in earnest in session two.

He and his friend Rob Judge do the joking thing with each other to create a point about how to flirt with girls…Believe me, some of their playacting is hilarious, if definitely dodgy!Make Small Talk Sexy Review

The ‘banter workshop’ is included in session four, in which Rio tells he’ll provide guys with a joking ‘cheat sheet’ with some stock fun lines and quips. One recommendation is to quickly play with her hair while she’s trying to be serious, to reveal that “you’re immature and not serious as well”.

Where does this guy come up with stuff? Actual joking (you know, of the discussion type) is quite small on the ground…

The fifth session is all about rapport and raising trust and connections with her and is given in the form of a “blueprint”. Nothing like being an artist when trying to develop a connection with a girl, I imagine.

Rio’s idea of rapport is to ‘feel her out’ by asking many questions that lead from one to the next, like some form of the verbal free related of ideas. How successful this would be is anyone’s belief.

Like some type of mixology program for bartenders, the sixth session will fix to ‘bring it all together’. A touch of this and a sprinkle of that and you have the vodka equivalent of discussion,

whilst a shake of this and a stir of that presents us our small talk dry martini – you know the kind of logic I’m speaking about.

It’s the combination ‘A to Z’ roadmap here, with A being “increasing” and ‘Z’ being “stopping the deal”. Rio defers here to a buddy of his, who he describes the World’s Greatest Pickup Artist (hereafter ‘WBPA’)” and the two guys recorded telephone chat, with Rio as interviewer and WBPA as interviewee-guru.

For WBPA, the biggest shooters for guys are those tremendous “conversational pauses” – but that doesn’t require to be.

To Rio’s guru, “discussion is completely interesting to me”. He tells Rio, and, obviously, listeners, that most guys don’t know how to imagine about a discussion and are too hellbent on ‘topics’ as a conversation. Rapport happens when spontaneity and “genuine discussion” are permitted to run their program.

They’re solid points. One just surprizes why audio of over an hour is required to make these kinds of points…?

This training is obviously intended at fratboys…ahem, I mean college-age guys, as Rio himself states how “10 years ago I was a student myself”.

That’s ok. It does work to highlight the value of commonalities and trying to build strong connections in relationships, but most of the recommendations come across as old and even unfocused. Bobby Rio does have an aim to ramble and does so again here.

Oh, and there’s even ‘customer support’ as given by a good looking blonde called “Nataly” – I did surprise if she’s a true helper gal or just some kind of eye candy avatar to present the site legitimacy. I’m not sure.


The upsells in the form of Clickbank are very obvious on the website, with “Sexualized Flirting” for only $67 and “Natural Approach” at $47 on offer.

“Social Training Lab,” however, is freely given, with weekly sessions and points being sent to a subscriber for nine months, or until getting deleted.

Free to is a PDF called “Make Small Talk Sexy 2.0” which is the ebook format of all those audio sessions – and at nothing fewer than 212 pages!

Why it’s “2.0” was not obvious to me at all. Distributed into 9 parts, one thing quite becomes clear from the ebook: the content and methodology adopted by Make Small Talk Sexy is very unfocused and Rio does love to walk just around topics.Fuck A Different Girl Every Day

Rio finishes the PDF with these dramatic words of encouragement: “And, for God’s sake, go out and apply this shit. Implementation is the solution to the universe and the speed of implementation is the final solution to the universe. Everything else is just brain masturbation”. You understood the man.

Other freebies as links (under the significant title of ‘Cool Shit’) cover a very excessive Resources page. There’s a link to “Common Dating Questions”, with shots of questions posed, and a slew of articles and webinars as replies when stated questions are clicked.

“3 Texts to Change Her On” when matched leads one to a Magnetic Messaging video clip, which occurs to be another of Rio’s dating innovations. Nothing like cross-promotion.

Sadly, a “Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheet” leads to an unconditional Facebook page, which is a bit of a disappointment as this ‘cheat sheet’ is extremely touted by Rio in one of his audio sessions (as mentioned before).

Even more extreme is a click on “8 Kinds of Women” leading one to this website, which cries clickbait in the neon glow and a voice-over as laughably creepy as stated landing page suggests:


It’s not particularly inviting or even good looking. It looks like yet another amateurish blog pretending as a manufacturer website.

The logo, as exposed at the opening to Make Small Talk Sexy Review, is blatant sufficient, but, besides that, there is no try at any other visually requesting artwork or design of any type.

There is something irritating about purchasing a product called one thing (“Make Small Talk Sexy”) and yet landing on a page with a URL and leading banner called something completely changed (“Social Training Lab”).Make Small Talk Sexy Review, Who Is Bobby Rio

No one is being affected in anything, but it’s still unnerving.

Navigation around the site is simple sufficient, although, as before mentioned, some of the links may be either dead or very dodgy, which provides the site a more awkward and witless feel than I’m sure Mr. Almeida was intending for.

It never stops to surprise me how these dating gurus spend so much time waffling on in their unlimited audio and video clips and so limited time on coming across more expert and believable.


  • The guy sticks to the subject. The thesis of this exercise is that dating, whether serious or with only sex on the brain, all boils down to the art of discussion and the way men and women speak to each other. Make Small Talk Sexy doesn’t infringe too far from this narrow plan and does strong to do that
  • The methodology makes sense that some of the points on the proposal here are smart enough. Rio has obviously thought this thing called ‘small talk’ out and has tried to give a complete overview of how to make it work for a guy
  • There’s a much more on offer here. Being cheap with his info is not something that Rio can be blamed for. The literature is extensive and much work is in proof. The same works for (most of) the bonuses on offer.


  • Bobby Rio is hopelessly in lack of an editor! Jeez, can this man talk and talk and talk, don’t mind dump reams of PDFs and articles on his customers? Wow. It will be on audio sessions clock in at 7 hours 30 – that’s 450 minutes of audio! It’s just too damn. Who has that sort of time to hear to and read all that material? I don’t need her name is Carla or Stacey or Pussy Galore – get this man someone to support him cut down what he tells and properly writes – pronto!
  • For all the extended hours of audio and huge amounts on offer, what is done is unfocused and too rambling for its own advantage. What is truly required is tighter, increased focused writing and speaking (again, that editor…), which will make the content more convincing?
  • Few links are unacceptably doubtful and crass in the extreme. Rio spent ten years out of college, but too much of his content (and purpose?) still comes across to fratboy and childish – the aforementioned links added. Some of his token sample ‘joking’ and ‘small talk’ examples are freely laughable, and the logic remains that of an inexperienced guy in his first 20s, not some probably more bright guy in his 30s. College guys maybe his major target audience, but definitely the game can still be established? After all, even fratboys have to finally grow up, right?Make Small Talk Sexy Add To Cart Now

Make Small Talk Sexy Review – Conclusion

At the end of the Make Small Talk Sexy Review Program, we must say that Make Small Talk Sexy shows us (well, make that college-age guy) that discussion, however small and however common, can be made sexier and greater your possibility of success. The ‘success’ here is all about scoring chicks and having magnificent sex.

Feeling or long-term relationships look to have no value, but it should translate into life’s other successes, right? Unluckily, many offers are unconvincing.

Where Make Small Talk Sexy does win is in sticking to its guns and making sure that it never rambles too far from the path that is small talk, flirting and all information conversational.

The way is little scientific, and backed up by very little true empirical proof (as if!), but that doesn’t do much to reduce the request of some of its proposed programs.

It would be churlish to completely trash Make Small Talk Sexy Review training program, weak though it often is. It has a winsome earnestness about it, it does give a much more (this reviewer would say, far too much) and, most importantly, it knows to whom it is addressing.

Guys of a specific age will have a connection for what’s on offer here. It isn’t too hard, it tries to be fair and it may even get a guy take. For those guys, that will surely do.

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